Monday, October 3, 2011

September at a glance...

Catching up yet again...  Where has the last month gone???  Thought I would just do last month "at a glance" since I have managed to get myself so far behind, yet again!!!
No worries...  Ellie didn't get glasses!  This is just her new favorite past time...  finding Joel's glasses and wearing them around.  Yes, we are trying to put a stop to it cause we know it's bad for her eyes.  But have you ever seen a cuter kid with glasses? :)  Love it!

 Over Labor Day weekend we got to spend a few hours with some of our favorite cousins in Kansas City!!!  With 5 kiddos this small, it was tough to get too many good pictures!  But here is one we managed to capture!  We spent the morning at Deanna Rose Farmstead and then grabbed some lunch together and part of the afternoon!  It was so fun!  Just wish times like that could last longer...
This has also been a common occurance at the end of our days!  Wrestling with Dad!!!  It's funny cause both of our girls seem to really be "girly girls" but at the same time, they both LOVE to wrestle!  Mom doesn't seem to be able to do an adequate job, so when Dad comes home, Ellie and Alexa love to play hide and seek, chase, dance and wrestle with Daddy.  He is incredible with them!

Another highlight of our month was having our friends Matt and Jana come to visit for a night!  They have a little guy named Cade who is just 2 weeks older than Alexa...  It was fun to see them together, though at this age, they still don't seem to care if the other one is around or not...  But I think they are awfully cute and who knows...  maybe we'll match make them someday... :)

 Alexa turned 16 months old on September 17th!!!  She is now officially walking, running, chattering (though she still doesn't have a ton of words, she definitely knows how to get her point across!).  Her hair has gotten SO long and she broke through her top two teeth to bring her total to a whopping FOUR! :)  She is getting quite independent and always wants to do things herself like feed herself with her spoon and help Mommy sweep up messes.  She has great fine motor skills and always loves to play blocks and figure out how things fit together...  It's fun to see her little mind at work!
Ellie is now 38 months old and is quite the little spit fire!!!  I mean that in the best way possible. :)  She keeps me on my toes, that's for sure...  Her naps are getting shorter (sigh...) and she wants to stay up later at night...  She wants to be involved in EVERYTHING you are doing.  If I'm cooking, it's "Mommy, can I help you?"  If I'm cleaning, she wants you to give her a rag to clean with too! :)  She is still a thumb sucker, though Daddy is now giving her a quarter for each morning she wakes up and her thumb is dry.  She is super observant and doesn't miss a thing!  She is very verbal and definitely converses like a little adult about everything.  Her new funny phrase is, "Okay's the deal.."  She is quite the little negotiator.  If you ask her to do something, she'll try to make a deal with you.  i.e. "how about I watch 10 more minutes of VeggieTales THEN I'll brush my teeth..." :)  She is a ton of fun and we can't imagine our world without her! :)  If you're on Twitter, follow me at JenJohnson11 to hear funny daily quotes from Ellie... :)

 And last, but not least, Sister Love...  These two are just inseparable...  They hug and wrestle and fight...  true sisters.  But one thing that's for sure.  They love being together!  And I just love life with my girls... 
 I already have a couple of October posts in the works, so hopefully they will be coming soon!!! :)

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