Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alexa Joy at 2 months!

Our little pumpkin is quickly moving out of that "newborn" phase and becoming her own little person and it's so much fun! We absolutely adore our little Alexa Joy! She continues to have a look and a personality all her own...

Alexa continues to be such a sweet, sweet baby and grows more content and happy by the day! Here are a few of the things our little 2 month old is doing these days...

  • Alexa is 11 lbs. 10 oz and in the 54th percentile! She's right in the middle of the chart for everything... height, weight and head circumfrence :)
  • She can now hold her head up all by herself and is a strong little thing at that!
  • She is SMILING, which I LOVE! And starting to make those cute little cooing sounds. :)
  • She has been sleeping pretty long stretches through the night...around 7-9 hours, which is great for this Momma!
  • She still LOVES to be held and cuddled and talked to. Though she is growing in her contentment of just being put in her swing or laid in her boppy.
  • Rarely has blowouts like Ellie did. Don't know if you remember, but Ellie blew out a diaper like no other and thankfully, this is a much more rare occurance with Alexa!

Still having a blast with my two girls and thanking God every day for the many ways he has blessed us!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ellie is TWO!

It happened! Our beautiful firstborn has officially become a toddler and gone and turned TWO on us! As you can see from her picture, she is very proud to be two years old! Sadly, her Daddy and I were away for a conference for most of her actual birthday, but made it back just in time to see her on her big day before she headed to bed! She was anxiously awaiting us at the door of my Mom and Dad's house and I couldn't have been more excited to see her and give her a huge hug!!! Here are some FUN facts about our now TWO year old!
  • She finally hit 25 lbs and is the 17th percentile for her weight...
  • She is HAPPY and SMILEY and just all around FUN! We have a BLAST with our little Ellie Hope.
  • She knows all of her colors and numbers and the letter E. The rest of her letters are coming along. But she loves to tell us numbers on speed limit signs, colors of cars and objects while we're driving down the road (white van, purple slide, etc)
  • She is talking up a STORM these days and is just hilarious... Quickly fading into the past are the days when she mis-pronounced names and words. :(
  • Ellie is in love with watching Barney and could see the same episode on repeat 20 times if we would let her (which we don't, by the way. :)
  • She seems to love boys and gets so excited to see them (her Daddy says this better fade pretty quickly!)
  • It's very important to Ellie that things are in ORDER. She is quick to close an open door, make sure things are in their place, will say "Uh Oh" or "other way!" in a store if something is knocked over or turned the wrong direction. I think we might have a little perfectionist on our hands.
  • She loves being outside, but hates to be hot and doesn't like wierd textured on her feet like grass or sand. She will stand like she is stuck in cement if you place her on one of these surfaces. :)
  • She finally loves to sit with me and read a book and is quick to grab her book before bed and sit in my lap as I read it.
  • She always wants a full account of where everyone is in the house. If someone is home, she needs to know where they are, what they are doing, etc. Then she is appeased and can go on with her playing.
  • She LOVES her baby sister and continues to smother her with love, kisses and affection.
  • Ellie still LOVES to sleep and is the easiest kid when it comes to putting her down for naps and bedtimes. She often asks for it by saying "night, night? binky? cow? tired!" It's not unusual for her to sleep in til noon after going to bed at 9:30 or 10pm. I wonder if this will continue into her teenage years?
  • She is getting very opinionated when it comes to what she wears, what color of shoes she puts on and how her hair is done each day. She also is pretty choosy when it comes to what cup she wants to drink out of in the morning, if she wants her milk warm or cold, you get the idea!
  • She knows her name is Ellie Hope Johnson and she will tell you her address, how to spell H-O-T Hot! and definitely knows who our President is (thanks Papa and Nana Johnson!) President Obama recently turned 49 and all day she said "Happy Birthday Obama!)

Oh wow, I could go on and on! This is SUCH a fun season... And if you couldn't tell, we are absolutely smitten with our Ellie Hope!