Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sister Love...

Took these pictures of the girls today and couldn't help but post them..
I'm so excited for the girls to grow up together...
So many fun memories yet to be had...
I love you so much Ellie Hope and Alexa Joy!
You are my sunshine!

Flower Girl for a day...

It was a day we had been anxiously anticipating! Our good friends Josh and Betsy got married! We were so excited for their special day and it was Ellie's first time as a flower girl! That's where the anxiousness came in. Ha! :) At two years old, we just weren't quite sure how our little princess would handle the big day. Would she walk down the aisle like she was supposed to? Or would she cause a scene to be forever remembered on the wedding video? Again, it could have gone either way and we were hoping for the former and not the latter! I was a bit hesitent because the wedding was at 2pm...exactly the time that Ellie usually goes down for a nap. It was bound to be interesting.So, what's a parent to do? Well, on the night of the rehearsal you better believe that Ellie did SEVERAL trial runs down the aisle. Above is a picture of Ellie with Daddy...holding her fake flowers to practice with. The church had these cool flower pens that doubled perfectly for a little bouquet. After about 10 times, Joel was coaching her that she needed to do it TWO more times!
Ellie was all tuckered out after all that practicing! So we let her have her cow and binky and she crashed out on our way to the rehearsal dinner!But don't you worry! She was wide awake and all ready for the big day! She even got to get her hair done by our sweet friends Meg and Sarah and she was a GEM during the hair and make-up session. ;) She sat completely still and loved every minute of it!
I thought she looked just adorable!
And then, we had to get a couple more practice runs in before the guests started arriving... The dry runs on the wedding day were a little less successful. She would run like a crazy woman down the aisle and straight up onto the platform.
Thankfully, the bride wasn't worried at all...
And Ellie ended up doing a wonderful job! Straight down the aisle just like she was supposed to! I was proud as could be. First time as a flower girl: success!
Got a quick semi-family pic before the ceremony.
Unfortunately, Alexa was sound asleep and already in the nursery!
Most of the bridesmaids were composed of our staff girls, whom our Ellie LOVES! Here she is with one of them... our other Ellie, who is just like a part of our family! Ellie adores "Miss Ellie"!
So El got to spend a lot of the day with all the girls and she just ate that up! After the wedding, Ellie still had plenty of energy left so she proceeded to tear it up on the dance floor!
As you can see...she couldn't get enough. I should try to post a couple of her dancing videos! The still shots don't do it justice. :)
Congratulations Josh and Betsy! Your wedding was a FABULOUS day and incredibly memorable for us all!