Tuesday, January 29, 2008

17 weeks...grow baby grow!

Hard to believe, but I'm 17 weeks along today! I'm so excited with how quickly time is going... excited and a little overwhelmed with how much I still have to do and how much I need to learn before this little one arrives... Though I hear no matter how much you read up, it can't prepare you for the real deal! :)
We're getting so anxious to meet this little one that we have prayed for and hoped for for so long... What will he/she look like? What will their little personality be like? Personally, I hope he/she is just like their Daddy... :)
We find out in 2 short weeks if we are having a boy or a girl!!! I'm counting down the days... It will be nice to be able to refer to the baby as him or her and not "it". :) We really don't have a preference, but for some reason we both have a strong feeling that it's a girl! In fact, I've been teasing Joel that if it's not a girl, our little boy is going to have a complex cause whenever Joel talks to the baby, he refers to it by the name that we have picked out for a little girl. :)
I've been feeling good for the most part. A few little aches and pains here and there, but from what I can gather, it's all normal. Just so many new things to learn! I'm still in my regular jeans, though I have a feeling that I won't be able to pull that off for much longer... I've already gained 9 lbs... but the dr. doesn't seem to think that's too much. So, I'm fine with it if she is!
We're rejoicing at this new little life that the Lord is entrusting to us... Wow, I continue to be in awe of the miracle of life... God truly is the Creator and Sustainer of all life... He is knitting this little one together perfectly and it's all such a mystery to me. But He is an amazing and creative God... We're trusting God for a little world changer.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our little miracle is on the way!!!

Welcome to our new blog!!! We've been anxiously waiting for this season and we're incredibly grateful that the Lord has given us the opportunity to be parents-to-be! We're enjoying every day of this pregnancy and by God's grace, we'll be holding this new little one in our arms in 170 days! :) Our official due date is July 10th, so we're just about 16 weeks along. I posted a picture we took yesterday... I feel like I'm starting to "show" awfully early, but right now it just looks like I had a little too much to eat during all of our Christmas travels. But every pound is worth it as we anxiously await the arrival of this little miracle... In the days ahead, I hope to post more of "our story" and the road that God has had us on the last four years during our struggle to conceive. We know God's ways and His timing are perfect and we can't wait to see how He will continue to write our story. Thanks for sharing in this joyful time with us!