Wednesday, April 14, 2010

21 months...and under the weather :(

Our sweet girl turned 21 months old today! But it didn't turn out to be the birthday we expected. Poor thing just wasn't really herself all day... wouldn't really eat much and was just not in a happy mood. I thought she was just tired since her nap schedule has been out of whack while we've been showing our house these last couple of weeks... But then we headed to Home Depot tonight to pick up some paint for her new big girl room and all of a sudden she threw up everywhere while we were at the paint counter! Thankfully, it was just on the floor and didn't get on her or anyone else and the lady who was working was SO sweet to help us clean everything up and was very kind about it. But my poor sweet girl has never thrown up before - at least not like this! We felt absolutely terrible!
After getting her packed back up in the car, all she said was "home" with those sweet and pitiful eyes... So we came home and she crawled under the table and just laid down. Her Daddy...who is just incredible, by the way... crawled down there with her and they laid together for like 30 minutes. Aren't these pictures precious. He so loves his little girl.

The pictures are a little out of order, cause I'm having trouble sorting them... but you get the idea. It's so terrible to have a sick little one and not be able to take the pain away. She was also running a low fever, so we got her all ready for bed and she was asleep before we could even get out of the room. She slept soundly last night, so I'm praying she's back to her happy self this morning when she wakes up!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

few more pics...

in my new spring pj's after bathtime! and no, I won't sleep in the skirt. :)
It was a beautiful day in Manhattan today! So I decided to break out the new spring dress and my friend Jena's sunglasses. :)
Once again, I can't go anywhere without my trusty backpack.
and decided to do a little dancing, too! I love to dance!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and other happenings...

Hey Everyone!
Just 5 more weeks until I become a big sister!!!
We are counting down the days. But I am enjoying every minute of having Daddy and Mommy's full attention until sissy arrives on May 17th!
First off...look at my cool new backpack from Papa and Nana Johnson! I just love it and feel like I fit right in with the college girls when I wear it.
And here is the view from the back... I also got to go on my very first Easter Egg Hunt! It was a few days after Easter, but it didn't matter to me! We were on the road to Papa and Nana McCulley's on Easter Sunday, so Mommy and Daddy took me out to the park last week for my egg hunt. I loved it! And I did everything I could to hold all the eggs all by myself. Mommy offered to help me carry them, but I told her that I could handle it on my own. I'm getting very independent you know.

Also, notice my cool yellow shorts and socks pulled up to my knees. Daddy dressed me in his favorite color of yellow and he thought I looked pretty cool. :) I think he's hoping I turn out to be a soccer player someday or something! :)
And finally, this is me in my pretty Easter dress from Nana and Papa McCulley! Isn't it pretty! I even left my bow in most of the morning at church, which is rare for me.
But I just loved it so much!
That's it for now! I will write again soon...