Monday, June 8, 2009

summer please slow down!

As you can see, Ellie continues to have a fun time in Florida! She's the lucky one who doesn't have to do any work. It's fun all the time for her. :) When Dad and Mom get a minute away from working with the students, we love to take Ellie to experience fun things during her first summer at Kaleo! Last weekend, all of the students left the project to have a team weekend to bond with their team. While they were away, the staff got to spend some time together. We went boating on Saturday afternoon and Ellie got to go on a boat and swim in the bay for the first time! She had a blast!

Last weekend, we got to meet all of our KSU crew in Seaside and we squeezed in a fun family pic!

One thing that we are learning about Ellie is that she is very impatient when it comes to eating! She's so well behaved at almost every other time, but when she is hungry, you know it! Here is a little photo of her impatience in action... I had just fed her part of her lunch and was getting her some fruit. She just couldn't wait for me to get back, so she started crawling to me with her booster seat still attached to her bottom! It was a hoot!

Finally, here is a pic of Ellie enjoying her first Kaleo RAVE! Everyone dressed up in neon colors or white and we danced in black light. It kind of wigged her out at first. She wasn't sure what was going on! But after the initial shock, she had a fun time dancing the night away! One student even gave her a glow stick necklace to wear so she could fit in!

The summer is going so well. We just wish our time down here would SLOW down! But we are trying to soak up every day... More soon!