Monday, March 23, 2009

A new world! The MOBILE stage...

We have entered a new season here at the Johnson household - Ellie is MOBILE! When I posted a couple of weeks ago, she was just moving forward cautiously and now she is all over the place! You never know where you will find her, so you have to keep your eye on her at all times... Here are just a few of the places she's made her way to today... :)

Looking inside Mommy's china cabinet

Under the end table getting into Mommy's purse

A fun new seat on Daddy's shoe!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ellie's FIRST Spring "Break"

Whew! Ellie survived her first Spring Break adventure as a Johnson! And was she ever a TROOPER! The week started off last Friday, March 13th in Kansas City... Our friends Bob and Alissa got married on Saturday the 14th and Daddy was the Best Man in the wedding... So we all got dressed up and enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day celebrating with our friends, some alumni and current students. It was a blast!
It also happened to be cousin Wyatt's FIRST birthday and they were in Kansas City celebrating! So Uncle Joe and Wyatt came over to our hotel to play for a couple of hours. Boy, did we have fun! It took a few minutes for Ellie and Wy to get reacquainted, but they did MUCH better together this time than they did at Christmas. Poor Wy wasn't feeling so well, and Ellie also had a little cold... but they still had fun together and it was great to get to see my brother Joe! Just wish we could have actually gone to the party. :( But we're thankful for the time we did have together, even if it was brief. Here are a few pics of the kiddos together.

After Kansas City, we headed to the University of Missouri for a campus tour, then to St. Louis to the zoo! Monday we all jumped in our 2 vehicles (10 students and the three of us!) and headed to Murray where we stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Johnson for a couple of days. Boy did we have fun! Barry and Mary Gail were gracious enough to house our whole crew... boys in the living room, girls upstairs and in the sunroom and our little fam had the bedroom! We had a wonderful time. It just went by too quickly! But we did manage to snap a few great pics of our time together!

After Murray, we headed to Ole Miss for a fun campus tour, then to Memphis and we ended our trip in Fayetteville, Arkansas! Whew! Over 1600 miles in 6 days in a different bed almost every night! And Ellie did GREAT! She is such a trooper, for sure. We had such a memorable time together... Thanks for praying for our trip!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A BIG Day in Ellie's World!

That's right... Ellie is CRAWLING!!! She has been getting SO CLOSE the last couple of weeks, but for the first time today, I saw some significant forward progress... :) Daddy has been coaching her and helping give her a little balance, but today she did it all on her own. I got some video so we won't forget this day. :) I'm sure in the next little while she'll be all over the place! Let the childproofing begin!

It's been so long since I last posted and lots has happened! We enjoyed a fun visit from Grandpa and Grandma McCulley the last weekend in February. It was so fun to have them here! The time just went too quickly... I didn't get many pics on my camera for some reason. I think Grandpa got all the fun ones, but here is one that I snapped right before Grandpa and Grandma headed back to Iowa...

The weather has been so nice here (at least until yesterday!) so Ellie got to break out some of her spring clothes! Doesn't she look adorable in her little outfit with matching headband and sandals? It's going to be so fun to dress this little one at the beach this summer.

And last but certainly not least, I can't help but post a couple of pics of Ellie and her Daddy. They are such good buddies and I LOVE seeing them together... They are so cute and have their own little language and fun things they do... Ellie gets SO excited when Daddy comes home. He can make her smile like no one else! I keep telling her she has one of the most amazing Daddy's in the world! I have a feeling she will always be a Daddy's girl. :)