Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alexa at 5 months!

That's right!!! Alexa Joy is 5 months old! And she seems to be very happy about it! :)
Our little pumpkin just gets sweeter by the day... I could just stare at this little face for hours... and she would just love that, too! This little girl cannot get enough face time. She LOVES to be held and cuddled and paid attention to. It just breaks my heart when I've spent time with her and then lay her down and walk away cause I have something I need to do. It's like she majorly gets her little feelings hurt and just starts sobbing... She's definitely my little feeler - while I'm pretty certain Ellie is gonna be our thinker! :)

We didn't have the most successful 5 month photo shoot, so I have to admit that we had to take a few of the pictures the next day. The top two pics are from our second go round! The pics in her sweet little monkey outfit are from her actual 5 month birthday! She was either sleeping, smiling but not looking at the camera, or looking at me with her serious/contemplative face! :)
I just adore this little beauty and I'm so thankful for 5 months with our Alexa Joy!
Here is what she is up to these days!
  • SMILING has become her favorite! And when she smiles, her eyes disappear cause she smiles so big! I love it!
  • Unfortunately, she is not the biggest sleeper in the world! She's still waking up one or two (or last night...multiple!) times a night! And she's still wide awake and ready for her day by 6:45am!
  • She's loving tummy time a lot more, as well as her jumparoo! She giggles and smiles and kicks her little chubby legs. It's adorable to watch...
  • She has also started "talking" a lot! Mostly in the form of raspberries and drooling all over the place while she does it!
  • I'm wondering if she's getting ready to cut teeth cause she has gotten super drooly and she gnaws on her fist all of the time now... She is also our resident thumb sucker and it's so cute!
  • She continues to be very laid back and go with the flow... I love it!

Our precious baby will not be a baby for long... Please don't grow up too soon sweet Alexa! Mama is loving every day with you!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

One of my highlights each year since Ellie was born is our annual trip to the Britt's Garden Pumpkin Patch here in Manhattan! They have their own little petting zoo, lots of fun photo opps, a hayrack ride, corn maze and then you also get to pick your own little pumpkin at the end! The above picture is one of my favorites! Ellie HUGGED a baby cow... Now only if she would have rubbed her nose with it's tail. :)
Ellie was at SUCH a fun age this year and got to experience it all! Granted, we went during what would normally be her nap time, so she was quite the trooper!

My two little sunflowers! :) Alexa slept through most of the big adventure, so this was one of the moments where her eyes were actually open! :)

Make that THREE sunflowers :)
This goat actually tried to EAT Ellie's sweater, but she didn't seem to mind one bit. She is such an animal lover!
Ellie with her pumpkin finds... And aren't those sunglasses a hoot? :)
Daddy with our sleepy little baby Alexa... she was quite the trooper, too, letting us drag her all over!

Ellie found her very own ear of corn! She remembered how she and her Papa Johnson would feed the squirrels with ears of corn this past summer in Kentucky!
Quick family shot on the hayrack ride... It was such a beautiful day!
Mommy and her girls! It was such a fun family day!